expantum: the game

ultra realistic game

Next Gen Play-and-Earn strategy game that uniquely balances cutting edge tokenomics and fun gameplay

Build your own territory and conquer foreign lands

Recruit, train, deploy and manage citizens

Form strategic alliances
and even factions and DAOs

Develop building blocks strategic institutions for your territory to create an in-game economy

Acquire and trade resources for in game tokens

Expantum Roadmap

We’re thrilled to present our first iteration of Expantum’s roadmap. Expantum is a riveting military strategy game with a unique tokenomics model that empowers players and rewards them for their time, skill, and contribution to the in-game economy. Like all crypto projects, changes occur with timelines and features. Our roadmap is subject to change and is a living document. Changes will be transparent, as they will be published for our community in real time.


Commence production for Expantum

Using our internal prioritized product roadmap, we will commence development of the game using Unity, the gaming industry’s leading engine. Our Product Leads are collaborating internally with our technical and design team members to create a tactical roadmap with prioritized features to help with sprint planning.


Present Concept

Here we reveal the concept of the game to the broader public. We will also reveal the lore, and give snippets as to what the game will bring forth as the conceptual level. Contrary to many other crypto games, we are focusing on releasing a unique game that’s actually fun to play, and not focused on the players who want to play to earn without caring about the gameplay. This is why we want to start off with the game concept and gameplay overview, as opposed to the tokenomics.


Open Up Our Communities

In the end of 2021, we have opened up our channels to our Global Community. We will have a dedicated Twitter, Discord, Medium to interact with our community


Token contract & NFT Contract Audit

We take security seriously. We will work with a reputable third party blockchain audit firm to get an objective audit of our token and NFT contracts have no loopholes or any faults.


Website launch

Our website will be launched in December 2021. Here, our whitepaper and links to our main social and community channels will live in a central place.



Our whitepaper will outline the tokenomics of our game as well as an overview of our technical architecture pertaining to the blockchain. It will also outline where we will position ourselves in the broader crypto and gaming markets.


NFT Drop

This is when we reward our early adopters with first generation NFTs. We promise that they will be aesthetically pleasing and have in-game functionality. Our Product Lead is collaborating with our blockchain developers, full stack developers, and Unity developers to determine how to best balance which metadata attributes are on-chain and which is covered by the game logic to bring forth the best user experience for players.


Closed Beta Launch

Around May, a select group of users will be invited to play the game for focused quality assurance and feed sessions. Not all of the features will be live during this release as our team aims to get feedback and observe the game’s core game loops and features first.


NFT Marketplace Opens

The floodgates will be opened for our community to buy our first generation NFTs using their in-game tokens.


Open Beta Launch

This is when the broader public will be able to play the game, leverage their NFTs in game, and partake in the play-to-earn economy of Expantum. Our team will be activity focused on delivering to this deadline, but we will likely need some wiggle room depending on the severity of any bugs found in the Closed Beta Session.


Governance Token Launch

We are decentralization fundamentalists. Down the line, once the game has been launched and has been iterated a few times, we will launch our DAO. Governance tokens will be sold and they give voting rights and our DAO will ultimately be able to democratically drive the direction of the game


Game Launch

Our launch is one of our biggest milestones. All features will be launched in this game for version 1. This will be our first “official” market launch that has taken into account improvements of the Beta launches.


Token Presale

A portion of our token will be sold to interested parties at a certain price.


Public IDO of our token(s)

Our Initial DEX offering will allow us to sell our token(s) in a decentralized and permissionless manner. We believe this is the best fundraising method that works best for us.


Open up Staking in the Expantum Vault

We are big into DeFi. We will launch our staking dApp to our token holders to earn high APY. In return, our project receives liquidity to supercharge our growth. Our vault allows for DeFi to be integrated into our project. It’s a win-win.


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Next Gen Play-and-Earn strategy game


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Hence, citizens of U.S. and OFAC pro prohibited jurisdictions are not allowed to participate in Expantum genesis event.